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Cruising Indochina

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No other region in the world is blessed with more water than Southeast Asia. Not only does water make up most of the geographic area but also many of the largest nations are completely surrounded by water. That pocket of Southeast Asia that is Indochina shares in this watery paradise.

The Mekong River, coursing down from the peaks of the Tibetan plateau, weaves its way through Laos, Cambodia and ends with Vietnam in the Mekong Delta. Add to this, Cambodia and Vietnam’s burgeoning coastal beaches and you have a complete cruise experience from freshwater to seawater.

Cruising across the Mekong or across the coasts of Indochina or weaving through the karst islands of Halong Bay is absolutely stunning and eye opening. Match the scenery with the absolutely regal treatment received seaside and your cruise is complete.

From leisurely freshwater fishing to snorkeling into the coral-filled depths to shopping off the side of your schooner for tropical fruits, it’s a colorful experience where every ripple is telling.

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