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Welcome to Indochina

Indochina: a land of lost empires, tropical landscapes, and vibrant people. It’s a rare place to be on this part of the globe and a special mix of culture, luxury and cuisine that make it appealing for any traveller with extra time in their year. Indochina is separated into three countries: Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Each country is a world its own with vastly diverging histories, distinct cuisine styles and wholly different cultures.

These three beautiful nations, influenced by China looming in the North, India stretching out from the West and the contemporary influences from the Western foreign powers paint a world that is both wondrously synthesized to the outside world and yet fiercely protective of its identity. Today, we are lucky to be able to have a taste of this firsthand.

The cuisine alone will speak for itself. Have a taste of Laotian style sticky rice or the exotic fermented fish of Cambodia or the all-famous Pho of Vietnam. You will fall in love with the internationally influenced diversity of tastes found in a place brimming with ingredients born of the monsoon landscape, the Mekong Delta and the shores of the Gulf of Thailand and the East Vietnam Sea. The cuisine doesn't end at cooked dishes either, it's always followed up by an abundance of juicy tropical fruits. A colorful collection altogether representative of the region.

The people are likewise colorful, with lineages that stretch all the way back to pre-history. You will delight in the open friendliness of the Laotians, the hospitable reservedness of the Cambodians, and the diverse welcoming nature of the Vietnamese. Each with architecture and national monuments that remark on very different paths. The Plain of Jars reminds of a time still mystical and mysterious, Angkor Wat calls forth images of sprawling splendid majesty and imperial power, and the Reunification Palace remembers a very recent and still beating history.

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