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The Kingdom Of Wonders

Travelling through Indochina isn’t complete without taking a stroll through the awe-inspiring Angkor Wat. Cambodia’s former irrigated imperial ruins are the largest collective religious site in the world and has embedded itself in the world’s consciousness as one of the most attractive destinations in Asia. This brilliant ancient civilization is framed by a tragic recent history which makes one wonder about a people's continuity.

Cambodia's streets, at times filled with elegant tuk-tuk's and other times filled with throngs of orange-clad monks has a distinct flavor to its landscape. The orange monk's robes parallel the orange tropical landscape that surround the famed Angkoran structures. As Cambodia has made its appearance slowly into the global market, there are still mysteries unraveling in the deep green jungles. Temples still being discovered by undergrowth and the truths of the peoples of the ancient past are converging with the archaeologists of today.

Cambodia asks us to see some of the greatest things we humans can achieve and yet also asks us to contemplate the most terrible things a human can do. This discrepancy, or maybe even balance, allows us to looking into our own humanity. Modern Cambodia though, is not so serious, and therein lies the true beauty of the country. Its brilliant and dark past recede into the sands of time like the heavenly waves crashing on the southern shores unfolding a breathtaking resort hotspot for all to enjoy.


General Information

Official Language Khmer
Population ~14.8 million
Predominant Religion Theravada Buddhism
Government Multiparty Liberal Democracy under a Constitutional Monarchy.
Currency The national currency of Cambodia is the Riel and currently trades at 4,100 Riel to the USD
Climate Tropical monsoon with rainy season from June to October and dry season from November to May.
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