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The Jewel of the Mekong

Deep inland lies Laos, a country deep in the heart of Indochina, truly untouched and quiet, an Asia still entering the global spotlight. Laos has proven to be a much preferred destination for travel lovers who are looking for something off the beaten path. Here, you will find an unmatched natural beauty paired with an innocent charming people. Vast spaces of quietude and a sparse stretching landscape framed by a culture and people both innocent and wise.

Travelling around Laos you will immediately be struck by the humble warmth of the people. Laotians are characteristically friendly and welcoming to new people, this in stark contrast to the more crowded eager Vietnamese folk and the sometimes friendly yet stoic Cambodians. For people looking for a settling, refreshing and touching experience of serenity, Laos is the place to be.


General Information

Population ~7 million
Official Language Lao
Predominant Religion Theravada Buddhism
National Capitol Vientiane
Government Unitary Socialist Republic
Currency The national currency of Laos is the Kip and currently trades at 8,010 to the 1 USD
Climate The rainy season occurs from May to November and the dry season is from December to April.
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