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The Land of Golden Pagodas

The newest addition to our Destinations is a largely undiscovered country bordering the ancient civilizations of China and India and sandwiched between the discrete Asian countries of Thailand and Bangladesh, Myanmar is a magical place. The peaceful quiet lifestyle of the people, the endless pagodas that stretch out into the horizon, and the untouched jungles are just a few of the charms you'll find in Myanmar.

The civilization, which vastly predates the birth of Gautama Buddha, has its history and culturally deeply infused with this ancient religion. Myanmar has become world famous for sights of hundreds of throngs of saffron-robed Buddhist monks pacing along the temple streets, and the pagodas are the most significant site attractions for the curious traveler.

The quiet lifestyle, deeply spiritual history and almost subdued atmosphere makes for a particularly rich and fulfilling travel experience through this largely untouched and undiscovered Southeast Asian nation. The people will impress upon you a wholesome feeling which allows you to forget the past, not think about the future, and just be exactly where you are and enjoying every minute.

Population ~60 million
Official Language Burmese
Predominant Religion Theravada Buddhism
National Capital Naypyidaw
Government Unitary Presidential Republic
Currency The national currency of Myanmar is the Kyat and currently trades at 6.5 Kyat to 1 USD
Climate The dry season is generally November to February and the monsoon season is from mid-May to roughly October.  
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