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Keeping Your Gear Safe While Traveling

There are two types of golf travel bags: hard and soft. The hard bags provide the best protection for golf clubs, since they are rigid suitcases made specifically for protecting golf clubs and are virtually indestructible. One testament to their effectiveness is that golf pros use hard cases to transport their clubs during travel. While your clubs are an important and sizeable investment, you may not be able or may feel it’s not necessary to invest that much in a travel case for your clubs. Also if you pack your clubs properly in soft bags, they are effective in protecting your clubs, normally withstanding even the most aggressive baggage handlers. Make sure you don’t place your clubs loose inside the soft travel case. The cloth bag will provide little protection from damage to your clubs.

If your golf bag has a club head cover, it is a good idea to put that cover on. If it doesn’t, wrap the club heads with your rain gear or the like. Then place the entire bag into the travel bag.

In the event there is additional room in the travel bag, you can put some of your clothing or shoes or other items in the travel bag. This lightens your other bags and provides great protection for your golf bag and clubs.

Furthermore most airline companies offer special deals for transporting your personal golfing gear. Contact your local travel agent for details on how many items and weight you are allowed to check-in.

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