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The Laotian creation story begins with a divine couple saving the world from poverty, the Cambodian creation story sees the intertwining of an Indian prince who fell in love with a beautiful female dragon and the Vietnamese creation story sees the romance of a Dragon Lord and a Mountain Fairy. Each of the Indochinese nations have a particular penchance for romance at their core, is it any wonder then why it is such a hot destination for couples in love? The real question is, what in the landscape could have evoked such passionate beginnings?

At IT&T, we know the answer to this question. From romantic dinners gliding on the waves of Halong Bay to couple hikes through uncharted mountains to remote 5-star beachfront breakfasts on remote islands, Indochina’s limitless panoramas provide the perfect setting for an intimate getaway for you and your partner. Whether you would like a quiet relaxed romantic holiday or an adventurous fanciful trek or even a shared learning experience, IT&T can bring all of that to your fingertips.

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