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IT&T employs excellent trained tour guides across Indochina. Sometimes travellers don't know what to expect the second they land onto foreign soil. A new unknown land, a foreign culture and unfamiliar faces everywhere. You can be rest assured that our guides will be an accessible gate into the culture. They are all trained in a plethora of languages for various client's needs: English, Chinese, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, French, and Thai.

All of our guides are trained in essential hospitality services and are well-versed in the histories, cultures and needs of our clients. Your scenic adventures will be given an informative narrative as our guides bring all the sights and sounds into colorful context. Our guides are also always attentive to your needs and wants, keenly aware of the resources that are available wherever you may go on your tour.

As you make your way through Vietnam, Laos, or Cambodia, be rest assured as our guides take you through a dazzling travel experience.

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